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The Arrow OS project is one of the most lightweight and functional custom ROMs available out there. Moreover, it is based on the AOSP code while adding useful tweaks to it. The main aim of Arrow OS is to keep the UI simple, neat, and clean. If you are looking for custom firmware with minimalistic features, then Arrow OS is right up your alley. Debuted almost a decade ago as the reaction against the commercialization of CyanogenMod, the OmniROM project is still alive and kicking. While the ROM doesn’t have a huge device roster, the project is known for its stability and a host of innovative features.

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Like most of the newer devices, it also features a dual camera setup on the back (12 + 5 MP). Corvus is a Custom ROM that is inspired by the Dirty Unicorns ROM Project. Its primary focus is on stability and features, i.e., optimizations and added tweaks. This ROM provides attributes like notification heads-up, customization for quick titles, and much more.

  • In this guide, we’ll take a look at the three main ways to get back to stock Android.
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  • Well, in such cases, you will require a Stock Firmware for your device.

Other developers were not willing to let this ROM die out, however. Thus they kept the project going and simply changed the name to Lineage OS. Well, that is because most phones support unlocking a bootloader, but only Google Pixels support locking the bootloader again. This is a consideration when developing an Android-based ROM for privacy and security-focused crowd.

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