Now, you can easily boot your iPhone into recovery mode and your iPhone will be restored in a few minutes. Then, iTunes will automatically start and iPhone can be kept in recovery mode. Therefore, it is also a way worth trying to fix the “iPhone stuck on Apple logo” error. In some situations, as iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo when you update your iOS, you can deal with it by reinstalling the iOS. Select Recover from iTunes Backup File to detect all backup files in the computer.

You can download the software on Windows Desktop or firmware Laptop. The software can effectively get back every shred of data lost on your system. Now we can assume that there is some critical error in the software components or some key operational element has gone corrupt.

  • If you are still unable to install iOS 16 on your device, then the next method involves using iTunes.
  • When you are making a backup of your iDevice with iTunes, it may happen a couple of errors but didn’t show you any messages.
  • Then click „Open“ and select „Browse“ to open the corrupted .docx file.
  • If that still doesn’t resolve the “iPhone firmware corrupt” problem, try reinstalling iTunes/Finder.
  • Apple TV firmwares have two different version and build numbers, which can lead to confusion when referencing them.

An internal error occurred (CRC error). An internal error occurred (Data size exceeds limits). The product did not start the new firmware.

firmware file corrupt ipad

We are sure that after following our suggestions, you would be able to learn how to fix iPhone won’t restore issue. Nevertheless, if you are still facing a few setbacks, then don’t worry.

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