How to Enhance Your Moving Average Crossover Strategy

crossing moving average strategy

However, at this stage, both the red and green MAs remain below the slower blue MA – meaning that, according to this moving average strategy – we have not yet received a buy signal. The trading signals are generated by the fastest moving average crossing over the medium-length average, just as with the dual strategy. However, there is an additional rule to consider – the slowest moving average acts a trend filter. This means that you can only place a trade if the two faster MAs are the correct side of the filter line.

On the other side, more signals may end up with more false signals and more trades in a loss. There are hundreds of online articles about how to calculate different types of moving averages and you should learn the basics of how to calculate it. As we will focus on how to use a moving average based trading strategy, we will only discuss the merits of using different types of moving averages in this article.

Testing Moving Average Crossovers on S&P 500

And with the linewidth argument set to 2 the line plot is a bit thicker than normal. When our strategy has 1,000,000 worth of equity and the maximum exposure is 12.5%, then we can invest at most 125,000 in an ES position. If we guess the margin rate to be 15%, then we need 18,750 currency for a single ES contract (15% x $50 x 2,500). The ‘ATR Length’ integer input option specifies the number of bars that the Average True Range (ATR) calculates on.

crossing moving average strategy

This is an advanced moving average crossover scanner that comes with some very useful features. This indicator is not free, but it does come with a free demo that you can try to see if you like it. This is a very useful free indicator from Earn Forex that will send you alerts if the moving averages you have set up have crossed over.

#6 More Indicators

Your risk management will play an important function in the success of an EMA crossover trading strategy. In an uptrend, a 50-day, 100-day, or 200-day moving average may act as a support level, as shown in the figure below. This is because the average acts like a floor (support), so the price bounces up off of it.

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Thinking back to our cryptocurrency example, there were times where we left over 10% or more in paper profits on the table because we did not exit the position until the SMA cross. However, understanding how to properly use this technical indicator has positioned me to make consistent profits. If you get anything out of this article, do not make the same mistake I did with years of worthless analysis. You will make some traction, but it’s a far better use of your time to zone in on yourself and how you perceive the market. You can offset the number of periods higher to give the stock a little more wiggle room. I was using TradeStation at the time trading US equities, and I began to run combinations of every time period you can imagine.

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Next, let’s take another look at the simple moving average and the primary trend. This is often referred to as the holy grail setup, popularized by Market Wizard Linda Raschke. This moving average crossover screener will scan your charts and send you alerts when certain moving averages have started crossing over. Whilst the 3 EMA crossover strategy is very easy to use and trade when you know how, it can still be very time consuming to add the indicators to your charts and monitor for crossovers. In the example below we are using the 10, 21 and 50 period exponential moving averages.

Moving Average Strategy #3: Using Moving Averages to Ride a Trend

In fact, there is no perfect indicator or a strategy that will guarantee success on each investment in all circumstances. Quantitative traders often use a variety of technical indicators and their combinations to come up with different strategies. In my subsequent articles, I will try to introduce some of these technical indicators.

They have a predefined length for the number of values to average and this set of values moves forward as more data is added with time. Given a series of numbers and a fixed subset size, the first element of the moving averages is obtained by taking the average of the initial fixed subset of the number series. Since it involves taking the average of the dataset over time, it is also called a moving mean (MM) or rolling mean. This moving average trading strategy uses the EMA, because this type of average is designed to respond quickly to price changes. Like most trend-following strategies, the SMA Crossover strategy performs superb when prices trend in the same direction for a long time.

When you’re ready, check out how these concepts can help improve your overall trading strategy. See all TradingView example strategies for more trading ideas and other scripts to experiment with. There are also several TradingView example indicators, which give several trading ideas and show how to code them. Should enterShort be false, we use TradingView’s history referencing operator ([]) to fetch the previous bar value of shortStop.

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But that’s okay since they are able to catch the main move of big trends (Covel, 2006). We stay in this trade all the way until the fast moving average crosses below the slow moving average. Finally, we have our strategy specific variables, which includes the quantity for shares/contracts used in the backtest P/L reports.

The moving average (MA) is a simple technical analysis tool that smooths out price data by creating a constantly updated average price. The average is taken over a specific period of time, like 10 days, 20 minutes, 30 weeks, or any time period the trader chooses. There are advantages to using a moving average in your trading, as well as options on what type of moving average to use. Therefore, longer period moving averages can help you identify a long-term trend. But, at the same time, using a shorter period moving average can generate an early signal to identify when is the right time to enter the market and when to get out.

  • However, when we incorporate multiple moving average values, things get a bit more complex.
  • Now that you know how to plot the moving averages on your chart and determine price trends, it’s time we showed you how to actually execute your trades.
  • You can test the results on historical data, selecting the coin of your choice, and adjusting the parameters to fit even better your needs.
  • On the other hand, a long term moving average is deemed slower as it encapsulates prices over a longer period and is more lethargic.

Some are short-lived, while others last for days, weeks, or even months. However, moving averages can help shed crossing moving average strategy some light on trends and trend strength. When usePosSize is true, we calculate the strategy’s position size.

We have studied how to compute average in school and even in our daily life we often come across the notion of it. Let’s say you are watching a game of cricket and a batsman comes for batting. By looking at his previous 5 match scores— 60, 75, 55, 80, 50; you can expect him to score roughly around 60–70 runs in today’s match. In the next lesson, we will look more into how Moving Averages work with Support and Resistance levels.

crossing moving average strategy

It is straightforward to observe that SMA time-series are much less noisy than the original price. However, this comes at a cost — SMA lag the original price, which means that changes in the trend are only seen with a delay of L days. For a SMA moving average calculated using M days, the lag is roughly around M/2 days. Thus, if we are using a 50 days SMA, this means we may be late by almost 25 days, which can significantly affect our strategy. A moving average simplifies price data by smoothing it out and creating one flowing line. Exponential moving averages react quicker to price changes than simple moving averages.

When using the triple crossover strategy we are looking to see where and how the EMA’s cross. The reason we use multiple moving averages is to gain a better insight compared to what we do when only using one moving average. The EMA crossover is an effective strategy that works extremely well when a change in trend occurs and provides users with a customized way to designate that a trend is beginning.

Unlike the SMA, which assigns an equal weighting to all previous prices used in the calculation, the EMA places a greater weight on the most recent prices. Well, you can enter your trade at the close of the candle that made the breakout and place a stop loss a little bit far away from the support level. When using more than one moving average on a chart, each one will indicate a different trend in the market. Similarly, in a downtrend, we can often see that the price encounters resistance when it pulls back to the moving average. A moving average often acts as a dynamic area of support and resistance.

However, keep in mind that moving averages are trending indicators, used to measure directional momentum. Continuous ranging markets limit the effectiveness of all moving averages, as the MAs eventually converge toward a single price level. Especially when price action is so thin that it is visualized almost as a flat line, moving averages can give you little-to-no clues about market direction. A moving average, therefore, smooths out price fluctuations and can be used to help us identify trends in the market.

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